For the implementation of the reprocessing activities several steps have to be taken. Some of these steps are briefly outlined:

  • Establishment of a working group “Reprocessing” that coordinates the multiple task of this project. Will discusses detailed problems in connection with the LACs.

  • Redistribution of the EPN sites with the focus on redundancy (preferred 3 LACs for each site).

  • Selection of suitable sets of reprocessed products as input for the first analysis of the 2007 data (pilot phase).

  • Each participating LAC shall setup the facilities for the reprocessing of the 2007 data.

  • Development of a common strategy to be used by all participating LACs.

  • Analysis of the daily/weekly coordinates by the participating LACs and supplying the results to the analysis coordinator.

  • Combination of the different solutions by the analysis coordinator, reports and feedback to the working group and the LACs.

  • Development and study of new strategies for the analysis of the entire EPN data set (1996-200x).

  • Analysis of the complete EPN data set by the participating LACs.

  • Estimation of reprocessed coordinates and velocities for the entire EUREF permanent network.



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